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מטרות העמותה


Almaya was founded by Mrs. Chasia Levine (of blessed memory) and a group of activists from the Ethiopian community in 1989 as an independent organization which works to fulfill the needs of the Ethiopian community in Israel.

Almaya operates through a committee, most of whom are from the Ethiopian community. The majority of workers are also from the community and most have developed through programs run by Almaya in its early years.

Since its inception, Almaya has supported educational projects run by community members and trains and employs Israelis of Ethiopian-origin as professional instructors in its programs. This policy has proved itself to be a central factor in the success of the programs, and serves as a model for other public agencies operating within immigrant communities. In addition, there has been an increased willingness in different cities and towns in Israel and among agencies responsible for the absorption of immigrants to adopt Almaya’s program models.

One of the programs adopted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare is the Home Visiting Program “Masa Hachasida.” The program became part of the Ministry’s programs and is operated by the Ministry in all towns except for Beer Sheva where the program is still run by Almaya.

Almaya is always attentive to the evolving and changing needs of the immigrant community, and works diligently on the development of new programs and on adapting existing programs to respond to these needs.


Almaya envisions being the leading association which seeks to empower and develop local leadership within the community. Through its work, the Almaya strives to integrate community members into Israeli society and get them involved in the Israeli way of life. The activities of Almaya answer the needs of all age groups while stressing the values, heritage and traditions of the Ethiopian community. Almaya’s programs encourage excellence in the community in the areas of education and culture, sports and arts.

Almaya has won various awards, among them:

  • The President’s Award
  • Ben-Gurion University's Award for innovative training of students
  • The Clore Foundation’s 50thth Anniversary Award
  • New York Federation Award for Family Care

Since its founding, Almaya has helped Ethiopian immigrants and their families to integrate into Israeli life while preserving the uniqueness of the community’s members and its traditions, providing parents and children with various skills enabling them to become part of life in Israel.

Almaya's Programs:

Early Childhood Programs

  • The Home Visiting Program “Masa Hachasida” ("Journey of the Stork")
  • Parents' Cooperative Pre-School Program

Elementary School Programs:

  • “BaMa'aleh”  for the advancement and enrichment of children in the 1st - 4th grades
  • Program of excellence in tennis for 2nd – 3rd grade.

Youth Programs:

  • Soccer Team – plays in the city league
  • Project “Coor'at“ (“Pride”) – empowerment through stage arts (song, dance, and theater)