Hanukkah Book Fair

This past Hanukkah we held a Book Fair for the children of the community.  The aim of the fair was to draw children closer to the world of books and reading.  1,500 books were donated to the fair, some new donated by publishing houses, some used in good condition.  The fair also included performances of two children's plays, a creative corner, and of course lighting the Hanukkah candles and eating sufganiot (donuts)!
The Book Fair was a great success.  Very many families visited and bought books at significantly reduced prices. 

The Sigd Holiday 

The ceremony for the Sigd holiday this year took place in November in the activity hall of the Rabin School.  Parents and children of the community took part, and this year's celebration was also notable for the significant participation of Beer Sheva leadership from outside the Ethiopian community. The ceremony was the collaborative effort of several groups from within the Ethiopian community, with support from the Beer Sheva Municipality and its agency for informal education and cultural activities, Kivunim. The ceremony included blessings from the Kes (Ethiopian Jewish religious leader), greetings from Rubik Danelovich the Mayor of Beer Sheva, remarks from Ethiopian member of the City Council Itzik Zanabeh, and performances from the Beit Samuel troupe and Almaya's own Coor'at ("pride") group.

Anti-Drug and Alcohol Educational Evening

In collaboration with the Israeli Authority for the War on Drugs and Alcohol, we held an educational evening in December for the youth of Almaya and the community.  Following their three months of intensive preparation for the event, our theater troupe, part of Almaya's Coor'at project for youth, performed an original piece on alcohol abuse that they wrote and staged with the help of a professional director.

An Evening of Tradition

The evening was held in partnership with the Bahalchin ("our heritage") association and included a wealth of traditional Ethiopian songs in Amharic and Tigrit.  The dancer and choreographer Gilat Vadu also performed traditional tribal dances of Ethiopia.

An Evening of Appreciation for Fereda Aklum z"l

Fereda Aklum was an Israeli agent in Sudan in 1984-1985 and contributed greatly to the success of Operation Moses (the aliyah of Ethiopian Jews via the deserts of Sudan).  Part of the evening was dedicated to summing up six years of activity of the Ethiopian National Project (ENP).  Greetings and remarks were offered by the Mayor of Beer Sheva, Rubik Danelovich, by Negiste Mengeshe, the Director of the ENP, Efraim Halevi, past head of the Israeli Mossad, and Itzik Zanabeh, an Ethiopian member of the City Council.  Mazal Aklum, Perda's daughter, spoke movingly about her father.  The evening also was graced with youth performances, including the Coor'at program of Almaya.