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Bamaaleh (upward bound) Program for Grades 1-4

Target Population:

30 children in grades 1-4 most of whom are members of the Ethiopian community in Beer Sheva

Activity Framework

Sunday to Wednesday afternoons from 4:00PM to 6:45PM

במעלהThe framework includes educational assistance, socio-emotional support, experiential enrichment both individually and in small groups, adapted to the needs and capabilities of each child, facilitating both personal and group advancement.

The Program's Objectives:

  • Providing a supportive framework after school hours
  • Reducing educational, social and value gaps
  • Reinforcing the children's personal competency and self image, while also reinforcing the heritage and tradition of the Ethiopian community
  • Reinforcing ties between parents and their children
  • Creating a system that is not detached from the child's natural environment
  • Promoting excellence in the fields of studies, sport and the theatre arts
  • Empowering parental authority via workshops for parents

The Program's Goals

  1. Opening two workgroups allowing children to participate in afternoon activity from 4:00PM to 6:45PM with a personal coordinator/counselor assisted by a volunteer.

1) A group for grades 1-2, up to 15 participants

2) A group for grades 3-4, up to 15 participants.

  1. Building a support system, by creating confidence and regular open communication between the child and the counselor, between the counselor and the parents, and between the child and the parents.

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