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Empowering Adolescents via Soccer

Target population

25 players, members of the Ethiopian community aged 15-18


The soccer team was set up three years ago in the framework of programs for youth of Almaya.  Team players are recruited from various neighborhoods, but of similar backgrounds (low socioeconomic status), with the ultimate goal of leveraging their talents and love for football despite economic handicaps.



  1. Empowerment, development, and reinforcing the self-confidence of adolescents, viewing the participation of adolescents as a means to achieve this goal
  2. Preventing "hanging out" and reducing at-risk hours
  3. Reinforcing and developing communications channels between the adolescents on the one hand, and society, parents, and school on the other
  4. Fostering a feeling of identity and pride, and a sense of belonging among the youth
  5. Improving and reinforcing the educational level via personal and group tutoring to prevent hidden or overt dropping out

The Program's Goals for the Coming Year:

  1. 1. 25 players on the team, most of who began playing 3 to 4 years ago
  2. 2. Participation in the city league via the Nirim Community Center
  3. 3. Team members' participation in educational and social workshops once every three weeks
  4. 4.  Running an intensive training camp once a year
  5. 5. The integration of youth who are not members of the Ethiopian community
  6. 6. Active involvement by parents
  7. 7. Practice at a professional football pitch twice a week

For a link to the statement by the team coach

For a link to the statement by the team's manager

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