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Parent Kindergarten-Day Care Center with Parental Involvement (2010-2011)

Period of Activity 1/9/2010 – 31/8 2011

Target Population:

18 children aged a year and a half to 3-year-olds, most are children of Ethiopian immigrants and·
the rest are from other communities.


Daily and Hourly Framework of the Kindergarten's Operation

Six days a week:
Mondays-Thursdays between the hours of 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. On Friday the kindergarten operates between 7:30 AM till 12 noon.

The Program's Objectives:

  • Creating an enriching and supportive educational environment for the toddler, preparing him for adjustment and integration in the municipal kindergarten, while making up deficiencies in the children's development, without detaching the parents from such an important process in their children's development
  • Empowering the children's parents via active performance within the kindergarten.
  • Getting the parents familiar with contents studied in the Israeli educational system
  • To constitute a model for emulation using the figure of the child carer who is a member of the community and empowering it
  • Encouraging and empowering the mothers to enter the labor market

The Program's Goals

  • To get about 18 children of whom 4 are not members of Ethiopian community to participate
  • Improving the educational environment of the kindergarten
  • Increasing active volunteer involvement by every parent once a month at the kindergarten, while defining assignments in accordance with the capacities of each parent
  • Professional escorting of the kindergarten team by an educational advisor external to the kindergarten
  • Establishment of an active parents committee composed of at least 2 parents
  • Upgrading the level of the kindergarten building
  • Establishing parent groups in accordance with the needs of immigrants who are kindergarten parents.
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